The Gardens - Testimonials

    Letter to the Editor

    June 24, 2011

    Tim Rogers, Editor
    The Daily Citizen
    P.O. Box 1167
    Dalton, GA 30722-1167

    Dear Tim:

    I know there have been many, many heroes helping our community after the recent
    storms. But I would like to recommend a special group of people for the paper's
    Citizen of the Week Award.

    My mom, Dorothy King, is a resident at The Gardens, an assisted living facility that
    is part of Royal Oaks and owned by Hamilton Medical Center. Since Mother has
    lived at The Gardens, we have been impressed over and over with the level of
    professionalism and the superior quality of care demonstrated by Tammy Caldwell
    and her staff. To a man/woman, they have exhibited kindness and compassion day
    after day that is way beyond simple devotion to task at hand. During a crisis, such
    as the recent power failure of over 30 hours, Tammy and her staff rise above even
    their own excellent benchmark.

    Tammy Caldwell's cheerfulness and calmness leads her staff to follow in the same
    attitude. Of course, this prevailing peace greatly affects the attitude of the
    residents as well. I have no idea how Hamilton Medical Center managed to staff
    The Gardens with such exceptional humans, but I am very grateful!

    Thank you for considering Tammy Caldwell and the entire staff of The Gardens for
    your Citizen of the Week Award.


    Linda K. Mullinax