Wellness and Active Living

Royal Oaks is located right across the street from the Bradley Wellness Center, where all our residents receive a complimentary membership allowing them to take part in all of its wide range of activities. Classes include Zumba and Pilates to weight loss clinics and Forever Fit classes designed especially with seniors in mind. There are also a variety of outdoor activities sponsored by the center. And for those who are looking for low-impact exercise, the center offers a variety of water-based activities in its Olympic-size pool, including classes for those with arthritis.

Royal Oaks residents can also choose to attend yoga and balance classes on site in the beautiful yoga studio of the Royal Oaks’ fourth floor penthouse that offers ballet barres for extra security while you’re going through your moves.  Royal Oaks also provides activities such as a walking group allowing residents to walk together on our beautiful walking trail surrounded by trees and lush landscaping.

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